Newtech Solutions offers a variety of training options to equip users with the knowledge and skills required to operate their unified communications and/or IP integrated telephony system. By increasing your staff’s confidence and competence, training increases productivity, reduces errors and issues, and improves stakeholder and customer experiences.


Training is fully tailored to your requirements, and can cover phones, reception and contact centre apps, mobile and cloud apps, depending on your needs.


Depending on your requirements and preferences, training can be provided in any of the following formats (or a combination):

  • Face-to-face or online training sessions (with instruction and hands-on participation)
  • Demonstration sessions (face-to-face or online)
  • Roaming on-site ‘go live’ attendance
  • Webinars

Training is available on any scale from one-on-one, to team training and large corporate roll-outs.


Training is available to those using our holistic consulting services, or as a stand-along offering.

Providers and Products
Providers and Products